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Christian Isakson Hillsboro Argus

Hillsboro Firefighter is Ultra-Athlete, Ultra-Helper

Christian Isakson is an endurance athlete. He’s also spent the last decade and a half working as a paramedic and firefighter for the Hillsboro Fire Department. But it’s what he does at home and abroad that makes him a proud husband, father and human being working on behalf of causes bigger than himself.

 Christian Isakson Featured in The Race Within

The Ultraman Triathlon, one of the most remarkable endurance races in the world, is a three-day, 320-mile race that circumnavigates the Big Island of Hawaii. With only 40 competitors allowed in each year, this invitation-only event hosts some of the most superlative athletes on the planet.

Triathlete Christian Isakson: On Ultraman, Taxi Initiative, More Than Sport and More

On this special episode, we chat with triathlete Christian Isakson, who was recently invited to participate in this year’s Ultraman Canada, and we discuss that race and his training for it. We also talk about the charity he started, called The Taxi Initiative, his involvement in More Than Sport with Chris Lieto and much more chatting on racing, maintaining balance in life and more.

In Pursuit of the Epic5 Challenge: Christian Isakson

On this episode, we talk with triathlete Christian Isakson, who was invited by Jason Lester to participate in this year’s Epic5 Challenge, which is five iron-distance triathlons over the course of five days on five Hawaiian Islands. The event is May 5-9, and Isakson is well into his training, but his story goes even deeper than that. He raises money and awareness for several non-profit organizations and charities, often using endurance sport as his platform (check out his race resume!).

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How Endurance, Faith, Family & Service Equate to Success

Today’s guest is a guy I relate to on so many levels. Like a big Venn diagram of overlapping circles — ultra-endurance multi-sport athlete, dad, husband, Ultraman competitor and EPIC5 finisher.

Today’s guest is unique in that he is the only guy I have ever had on the show who, like me, has competed in both the Ultraman World Championships and EPIC5 (not that there are very many of us – I think only a few).

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Christian Isakson - Epic 5 Challenge

Imagine starting your day at sunrise swimming 2.4 miles, then biking 112 miles, then running 26.2 miles back-to-back-to-back, crossing a finish line that night. This is known as the Ironman triathlon and these races are held all around the world. Professional Ironman triathletes finish in just over eight hours, with the "average" finisher completing this amazing test of endurance between 10-14 hours. Now imagine completing an Ironman distance race for five consecutive days, on five different Hawaiian Islands. Meet the EPIC5 Challenge and Living Fuel champion Christian Isakson who recently accomplished this Super Human Feat in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.